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about Yuxiang

The Advantage of Yuxiang

Yuxiang's Magnetic Materials was established in 1991 to manufacture magnetic assemblies, the needs for multi-products that were capable of achieving necessary characteristics in a variety of assemblies.

Our experience with these techniques and capabilities earned us a reputation, the assemblies we produced are preferred by many companies in telecommunications, instruments, sensors, motors and many metalworking industries.

To ensure continued conformance with the quality demanded by today's competitive environment, Yuxiang Magnetic Materials has invested in personnel, training, equipment and quality control programs to meet our customers' requirements.

These processes produce accessory for such critical applications as magnetic stand, magnetic chuck, pot magnets, ring magnets for rotator, etc.


Efficient, Effective Processing

We evaluate each customer's application to determine right models for the material and specifications, all products are processed and inspected at the same time to achieve defect-free appearance and well running all the time. Similar attention is devoted to the overall mill environment, maintaining precise temperatures and controlling dust for optimum accuracy in our process. This attention to detail extends to all processes - including components making, assembling, quality control and packaging.


Complete or Selected Services

In addition to providing a wide range of magnetic assemblies of available models, we also custom make it as per the customers' requirement, i.e. according to the customers' drawing, requested materials, etc. Customer conversion can include all available processes or a single procedure, such as surface colour, sizes, etc.

Yuxiang also offers processing to specifications even more exaction than our standard tolerances on an order-by-order basis.


Total Management for Your Satisfaction

At Yuxiang, we judge our performance on how well we satisfy our customers' needs. Customers who need ultra-precise products require the utmost attention to quality-and Yuxiang's Magnetic Assemblies delivers in practice as well as in policy.

Quality assurance is a companywide commitment from the president on down. The Quality Control Department has established a detailed written program with policies and procedures for continued quality improvement. All managers, supervisory and operating personnel receive extensive training in quality management and statistical process control. They also are thoroughly trained in the operation of process performance monitors.

We support our quality procedures with a complete range of magnetic testing equipment to measure material properties. And we maintain all the calibration standards and devices needed to ensure the highest accuracy in testing.


Actions to Meet Our Commitment

A quality results begin with a quality facility, since minor contamination can cause a major deviation from specifications.

Contamination restrictions prevent the intrusion of unwanted pollutants Yuxiang's precision products environment is filtered continuously, and conditions are monitored to maintain and ideal atmosphere.

Special walls enclose the areas where the grander are running, and environmental filtration assures surface quality and product integrity.


Meeting the Toughest Standards

Every order we process in evaluated individually to determine the correct procedures to attain the required specifications that deliver the highest possible level of quality.

Using appropriately conditioned work products, the material is processed to final dimension using our closed-loop gauge-control system that measures, corrects and verifies specifications several hundred times per minute.

We monitor every process carefully and make detailed documentation available for verification of the results. In-process monitoring includes on -line CRT monitors and printed reports, real-time data strip chart for each products, and complete SPC data on all wide-width product processes.


Expertise Built on Years of Application

From its beginning fifteen years, Yuxiang has worked with a broad range of magnetic materials .We are intimately familiar with the potential magnetic properties of a broad range of magnetic materials and with the most efficient and effective means of maximizing their potential .We can customize the properties to satisfy a wide spectrum of magnetic assemblies applications


Packing for Material Protection

Over the years, Yuxiang has developed methods for packing and shipping even it is the magnets to ensure their safe arrival

We can provide the packaging you require, Including preparation for export, even it is by air, we utilize a range of plastic and steel plate for avoid magnetism leakage.

Containers for protection against mishandling in transit .

Whatever your required destination, we have the experience to see that your products arrives ready for your use.