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Holding magnets for special using

Holding magnets for special using

High operation temperature holding magnets

Alnico deep pot holding magnetsShielded alnico pot magnets

Alnico Deep Pot Holding Magnets(up to 450℃)

A deep cylindrical permanent holding magnet is assembled concentrically in a mild steel pot with spacer of Aluminum or Copper. They are circular rods made of precision-cast Alnico. Deep pot magnets have a steel outer shell with a tapped hole in the back and a highly magnetic front face. These are ideal for incorporating into jigs and fixtures. They offer high holding forces on parts that are thick and clean with a good surface finish. Deep pot holding magnets do not age and maintain their holding force indefinitely. With a rise in temperature the holding force only decrease approx. 10% per 100?, reversibly. Increasing the air gap or roughness on the holding surface rapidly reduces the holding force. With an air gap of 1 mm only about 20% of the intended holding force remain. They can only be weakened by strong magnetic fields. These magnets are primarily for gripping applications.

Alnico pot magnets are strong permanent magnets with great temperature resistance. Normally they are housed in a steel pot having non-magnetized materials like brass or Aluminum in between. The magnetic force gets reduced at high temperature however it is restored as the strong pot magnets get cooled in room temperature. The alnico pot magnets are available in different sizes and shapes. Magnet material used is Alnico 500, working temperature is up to 450 degrees C. North polarity in center of holding face and each magnet has a coated keeper. Outer surface except pole can be red (smooth or wrinkle) painted, or coated with Zinc, Nickel or Chrome.

For best use of the deep pot holding magnets, it is recommended not to insert them flush into a steel housing, but to leave them projecting by about 2 mm. It is also sufficient to countersink the space around the system by a clearance of about 3 to 4 mm width. A sleeve made from un-magnetized material, e.g. aluminum, brass or plastic is also recommended. If it is only possible to install them in steel directly, a holding force reserve of 30 % must be considered when choosing the size.

(Non-active face can be drilled & tapped to a maximum depth as shown in dimension X.)

Item No. Dimensions in mm
A(Dia) B(fix dia) L(H) Pull(N) Weight (g)
HTM01-01 9.5 M3 15.1 10 5
HTM01-02 12.7 M4 15.9 20 15
HTM01-03 17.6 M6 16 26.5 25
HTM01-04 20.5 M6 19 40 50
HTM01-05 27 M6 25 61 110
HTM01-06 35 M6 30 150 220
HTM01-07 65 M12 43 400 1080

Alnico Shallow Pot Holding Magnets (up to 500℃)

Alnico shallow pot holding magnetshigh energy pot magnets

These disc-type holding magnets have a ring made of the metallic magnetic material Alnico. They are designed for application where height is too restricted for conventional deep pot magnets. A magnet with counter hole assembled in a mild steel pot by spacer or tree points press fixing. Alnico shallow pot magnet can be continuously used up to a temperature of + 500 °C. North polarity in center of holding face and each magnet has a coated keeper. Outer surface except pole can be red (smooth or wrinkle) painted, or coated with Zinc, Nickel or Chrome. However, the stability against demagnetization is not as high as deep pot holding magnets. Only fix with countersunk screws made of non-magnetic materials, e.g. brass or stainless steel.

Shallow Pot Magnets can be fixed to steel surfaces without losing magnetism. Shallow pot magnets are magnetic on one face only, which ensure them to provide a high clamping force, even on painted surfaces. They are especially suitable for clamping onto thin sheet metal surfaces, securing and fixing


  1. Supplied with keepers
  2. North polarity in centre
  3. Material - Alcomax IV
  4. Temperature Rating 220°C


shallow pot magnetsalnico permanent holding magnets
Item No. Dimension(mm) Pull (N) Weight(g)
D L      B         
HTM02-01 19 8 3.2 32 13
HTM02-02 29 8.5 5 50 36
HTM02-03 38 11 4.5 80 80
HTM02-04 60 15 8 500 300

Waterproof holding magnet (NdFeB deep pot holding magnet)

NdFeB deep pot holding magnets
Neodymium deep pot holding magnetsNdFeB deep pot holding magnets

Made from rare earth Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, these wholesale NdFeB pot magnets offer substantially more holding power than their AlNiCo magnet cousins. These neodymium magnets with waterproof surface made from stainless steel, seawater resistant, pressurized-water-tight, usable in food areas.

The north and south poles are on the same plane and produce a shallow flux field. The pots are precision ground to high tolerances, making these industrial NdFeB pot magnets perfect for use in tooling, only slight loss of holding force due to air gap between holding area and magnet. NdFeB deep pot holding magnets can also be used as a catching element for iron and steel parts, the fixing thread on the rear, can be installed flush in iron or steel structures with no loss of holding force. Operation temperature of -40℃ to +110℃

Rubber-coated holding magnet for holding on sensitive surface

Rubber high energy magnets Rubber-coated holding magnet
Rubber-coated holding magnet  Rubber-coated holding magnet

The rubber-coated holding magnets are fitted with high energy magnets made of NdFeB, which give great durability and high friction when needed to keep them from slipping on surfaces. However this high surface friction also makes it almost impossible to slide 2 of them apart. These energy magnets not only have a strong holding force, but also completely resistant to demagnetizing influences. The holding force is not weakened even after years of use. The multi-pole structure of the magnets ensures a dense magnetic field on the holding surface. This allow good holding on thin, painted car body metal. The side displacement force is extremely good on account of the "suction effect" of the rubber surface.

These rubber-covered strong holding magnets are especially suitable for magnetically fixing items such as advertising display and safety lights on car roofs. They are also suitable for fixing signs, plates or samples parts scratch-free on highly polished, chrome-plated or painted steel surface.



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