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Pot holding magnet of other shapes

Pot holding magnet of other shapes

Magnetic cup with Neodymium magnet system

These cup magnets are made from rare-earth Neodymium Iron Boron and Supplied with a center hole to increase their flexibility in use. They offer substantially more holding power than their ceramic cousins. NdFeB cup magnets are wide and shallow, with the north and south poles on the same plane, offering the ultimate in gripping power. They are used for fastening or holding steel doors, hanging signs or lights, making retrieval tools, holding tarps etc.

Item Code Dimensions (mm) Pull (N)
NGM -06-01 16 3 6.8
NGM-06-02 18 5 10
NGM-06-03 20 4 20
NGM-06-04 24 5 30
NGM-06-05 25.5 5 40
NGM-06-06 28 5.5 45
NGM-06-07 31.5 4.5 50
NGM-06-08 35.5 7 70
NGM-06-09 44 8 100
NGM-06-10 50 8.5 150
NGM-06-11 66 9.5 200
NGM-06-12 76 11 250
NGM-06-13 98 12.5 300

Channel Magnet Assembly

Channel magnet assemblies are made by fixing a strong ceramic or rubber magnet into a zinc/nickel-plated steel channel to form a latch magnet assembly with holding power on one large surface. These assemblies are widely

used for door latch, nameplates, nozzles, fixtures or other ferrous metal objects.

We can design a custom-built magnet assembly per your requests. If you I don?t see what you?re looking for in listed below, please contact us for more information.



Item Code Dimensions (mm) Pull(N)
YXC01-01 30.48 15.88 4.83 3.8 44
YXC01-02 50.8 24 8 4.3 60
YXC01-03 68.6 23.25 10 4.75 110
YXC01-04 152.4 38.1 12.05 6.35 440

Item Code Dimensions (mm) Pull(N)
YXC02-01 20 17 5.2 10
YXC02-02 25.4 23 5.6 25
YXC02-03 28.7 23 7 30
YXC02-04 50.8 24 8 60
YXC02-05 76.2 23 6.35 98

Item Code Dimensions (mm) Pull(N)
YXC03-01 25.4 22.23 6.35 3.2 20
YXC03-02 25.5 22.5 6 3 20

Item Code Dimensions (mm) Pull(N)
YXC04-01 76.2 23 19.05 98
YXC04-02 76.2 23 6.35 98
YXC04-03 47.62 27 12.7 95

Alnico Magnetic Foot:

A rectangular block comprising two pot type magnets set into one mild steel housing. The Alnico magnetic foot is ideal for gripping applications. The mild steel housing makes the magnets suitable for drilling and tapping in most locations. Magnet material used is Alnico 5, working temperature is up to 250 degrees C. North polarity in center of holding face and each magnet has a coated keeper. Outer surface except pole can be red (smooth or wrinkle) painted. The magnet is used in drilling and taping, jigs, fixtures and welding clamp.

Item code Dimensions in mm
Length Width Height Thread Holding force (N) Weight (g)
MFT-01-01 60 25 25 M6 120 320

Hexagonal Magnetic Holder

Hexagonal Magnetic Holder


This holder is to be used as a jig.

This holder is to be used for the transporting lighter work pieces in the manufacturing line, etc.


  1. This holder can be easily attached to any place, since its top end is threaded.
  2. This holder can be attached to the place where tap hole cannot be drilled by combining it with accessory plate or in case of the same with plate type.
  3. Since this holder is plated with nickel, it can be used under various circumstances.


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