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Magnetic Hook

Our super-strong Magnetic Hooks made of NdFeB or ferrite magnet, which can hold just about anything you need to keep within easy reach, especially convenient for kitchen use. Use one on the refrigerator for aprons, oven mitts or kitchen gadgets. You may also use those strong magnet hooks to hand bags, dress and so on.

NdFeB Magnetic Hooks Magnetic Kitchen HooksMagnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hook made of ferrite magnet

Ferrite Magnetic Hook
Item code Dimensions in mm Pull(N)
D d T H A B
YXFH25 25 8 7.5 15 30 4 35
YXFH32 32 8 7.5 15 31 4 65
YXFH36 36 8 7.5 15 31.5 4 80
YXFH47 47 8 9.5 18 3 4 150
YXFH50 50 10 18.5 33 4 8 170

Magnetic Hook made of NdFeB

NdFeB Magnetic Hook
Item code Dimensions in mm Pull(N)
D d T H
YXNH15 15 10 5 15 35
YXNH20 20 15 4 15 80
YXNH25 25 18 4 15 130
YXNH30 30 22 4 15 180

NdFeB magnetic clip

NdFeB magnetic clip

The magnetic clips made of NdFeB are strong enough to hold memo pads, note pads, clipboards, working plan, wiring cords and keep the office phone list within easy reach. You can use NdFeB magnetic clips in shop, kitchen or office.

Miniature holding magnet

Mini holding magnets for maintaining system parts together

Magnetic catch latchesMagnetic catch latchesMiniature holding magnetMiniature holding magnet/coin magnets

SmCo Magnets can lift more than 2000 times their weight. They find applications for maintaining elements together, with an easy removal, self-centering positioning, and key positioning with adequate orientation of magnets. They are also useful with Hall detectors for odometry.

Another nice application is for holding the battery. Two magnets maintain the battery and establish automatically the electric contact.

Our mini holding magnets can be made by NdFeB magnet, SmCo magnet or ferrite magnet, like magnetic catch latches, coin magnet, magnetic needle, button and so on. You may contact us for more detail info.



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