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Magnetic Holdfast

Magnetic Holdfast Holders

AlNiCo Holdfast Magnets:

AlNiCo Holdfast Magnets:
The magnetic holdfast is a range of Pot Magnets for work holding, handling and assembly fixtures to provide a high clamping force and positive grip, but not attraction from a distance. Each Holdfast is equipped with a screw down handle because of the exceptionally strong grip of this range of magnets. On each holder the magnetic power is confined to the workface. Magnetic Holdfasts can be used singly or together to make welding and other assembly jigs. Magnet material used is Alnico 5, working temperature is up to 220 degrees C. North polarity in center of holding face and each magnet has a coated keeper. Outer surface except pole can be red (smooth or wrinkle) painted, or coated with Zinc, Nickel or Chrome.


  1. Holdfast magnets can be used as small lifting magnets.
  2. In jigs and fixtures and to hold work pieces during wire cutting.


Alnico holdfast magnetsAlnico magnetic holdfast
Part No. Dimensions in mm No. of holes Pull (N) Weight (g)
D d L Fixing  hole centers
AHF01-01 44.5 M8 44.5 31.8 2 200 550
AHF01-02 54 M8 50.8 38.1 2 400 950
AHF01-03 70 M8 63.5 50.8 2 880 1950
AHF01-04 103 M8 74.6 69.1 PCD 3 1830 4700
AHF02-05 95.3 M8 CUBE 80.3 PCD 8(4 on 2 faces) 2140 7500

Ferrite Shallow Holdfast Magnets:

All ferrite shallow holding pot magnets are fitted with a screw down bolt to facilitate the disengagement of workpieces. Each cup magnet is manufactured with three pre-threaded holes and standard M6 thread. Surface can be red painted, or coated with nickel, zinc, or Chrome.

Ferrite shallow holdfast magnets/ferrite shallow pot/cup magnets


  1. Manufactured with 3 pre-threaded holes with standard M6 thread
  2. Fitted with a screw down releasing bolt for easy workpiece disengagement
  3. Material - Ceramic Ferrite
  4. Temperature Rating 80°C


Ferrite Shallow Holdfast Magnets
Part No. Dimensions in mm No. of holes Holding force (N) Weight (g)
D d L Fixing hole centers 
FHF01-01 66 10.7 M6 46 3 250 270
FHF01-02 76 4.8 M6 63 3 330 300
FHF01-03 100 4.8 M6 63 3 550 610

SmCo Holdfast Magnets:

SmCo Holdfast Magnets SmCo Holdfast Magnets SmCo Holdfast Magnets

Pot magnets, holdfasts have exceptionally strong grip. Each holdfast is equipped with a screw-down releasing handle which doubles as a carrying handle. With north and south poles on the same plane, these ultra-powerful magnets can be used singly or together to make welding and other assembly jigs.

Pot holding magnets Pot holding magnets


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