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Electrical holding magnet

Electro holding magnet system

For this DC holding magnet system, the magnetic holding effect only occurs on power up. The operating voltage is 24V. The switch-on duration can be 100%; the holding discs are supplied with free wire ends, the magnetic holding rails with two open connection screws. Depending on the application, it is necessary to observe accident prevention regulations. For the following magnetic holding rails the holding area can be reduced by 2.5mm in order to carry out necessary reworking. For circular holding magnets the holding area can be reduced by the measure "I" .

Round Electromagnets

Round Electro MagnetsRound electro magnets

Rectangular Electromagnets

Rectangular Electro MagnetsRectangular Electro Magnets


  1. Automatic or Manual Operation
  2. Coils are continuously rated at the specified supply voltages
  3. Use over size armature to ensure magnet face is fully covered
  4. Idea for use in machine mechanisms, door/guard locking and applications with remote hold/release requirement
  5. Optimum performance when used with RS armature plates (available separately) but suitable for holding any smooth ferrous surface of adequate thickness
  6. Electrical connection by free leads (FL), terminal block (TB) or plug and connector (PC)
  7. Remanence (approx. 5% of holding force) may be reduced by fitting a non-magnetic shim between magnet and armature

Custom Design and Options

  1. Optional Mounting and Sizes
  2. Selective Cord Location
  3. Extended Lead Lengths
  4. Lead Protection
  5. Retractile cords
  6. Special sizes, voltages and mountings are available on request.
  7. AC powered electromagnets are available on magnets under 100 watts.


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