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Electro solenoid

Pull and Thrust Solenoids

Pull and Thrust Solenoids,Push Solenoid

Solenoids have an electromechanical pull action. This pull action can be converted to a pushing action by fitting a suitable thrust pin or plunger extension as shown above. The pull type plunger pulls in and stops at the STOP, with no extension coming out of the other end.

Pull-and-thrust solenoid consists mainly of outer housing, fixed iron core, movable iron core and coil. Once electricity passes the coil, a linear movement along axial direction will be created for the movable core, which is the source for thrusting or pulling the exterior loading devices.

On account of the adoption of material of high permeability and the truth of being equipped with cone-shaped matched magnetic circuit structure, if comparing to ordinary small-sized electro solenoid, it has a bigger travel course and attractive force, though the product itself is also of small volume and light weight.

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  1. Simple structure, large power, nice heat-dissipation, with magnetic conductor as its frame, having an open coil and long travel course.
  2. Small and compact structure, easy to install and connect, with a convenient-to-maintain linear moving electromagnet, this type of solenoid will work externally by pulling in/close the sliding pole or pushing out the mandril
  3. With a 2mm-20mm diameter iron core
  4. Can be widely used in different industrial automated equipments, or separation systems for different production lines


Type Diameter Height Travel course Load
[mm] [mm] [mm] [N]


34 47.5 0→6 70


40 52.6 0→6 100


49 57.6 0→6 140


49 57.6 0→6 180


59 66.8 0→12 280


59 72.8 0→12 300


1The height mentioned above is a standard dimension which can be adjusted according to different requirement.

2The load mentioned above is a result when operation is done at a minimum travel course and the temporary loading rate is 10%.

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